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Get data from Excel files into LaTeX.

Exceltex is a LaTeX package combined with a helper program written in Perl. It provides an easy to use yet powerfull and flexible way to get data from Spreadsheets into LaTeX.

In contrast to other solutions, exceltex does not seek to make the creation of tables in LaTeX easier, but to get data from Spreadsheets into LaTeX as easily as possible.

The Excel (TM) file format only acts as an interface between the spreadsheet application and exceltex beacause it is easily accessible (via the Spreadsheet::ParseExcel Perl module) and because most spreadsheet applications are able to read and write Excel files.

The author is Hans-Peter Doerr. The package is Copyright © 2004-2006 Hans-Peter Doerr.

License: gpl Version: 0.5.1 Catalogued: 2012-05-07