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Converter from PNG/JPEG/Tgb81AIFF/NetPBM to EPS.

This package is now distributed as part of the dktools bundle.

A library and a command line tool for conversion of different bitmap graphics types to EPS. It can produce EPS levels 1, 2 and 3. Level 2 allows the use of run-length compression and ASCII-85-encoding instead of ASCII-Hex-encoding, while level 3 allows the use of flate compression. TIFF- and PNG-alpha channels can be converted into EPS level 3 image masks. Modified dvips sources are included to allow image conversion directly from dvips.

The author is Dirk Krause. The package is Copyright © 2000-2006 Dirk Krause.

License: other-free Catalogued: 2012-05-24